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Glass Recycling 
(place bottles/jars in purple bin at the GF Library parking lot)

Fairfax County does not accept glass recycling from any trash/recycling hauler, including curbside providers and the Parkout.


The county asks Great Falls residents to bring glass bottles/jars for recycling anytime to the purple bins at any of several locations, including the Great Falls Library parking lot.

"Glass" items that go in the trash, however, include: light bulbs, glass lamps, ceramics, porcelain, mirrors, windows and sheet glass.


Read about the county's glass recycling in the The Great Falls Connection.

Watch this glass recycling video, produced by Langley High School graduate Eloise Lorenze for her Girl Scout Gold Award project in conjunction with Fairfax County and the Virginia Recycling Association.

Screen Shot 2021-09-24 at 6.11.16 PM.png

Non-Glass Recycling
 (place items loose (not bagged) in the Parkout's recycling truck)

Please place your recyclables loose (not bagged) in the Parkout's recycling truck.


The county's recycle processing facility rejects recyclables that are contained in plastic bags.


Although much of the items we all intend to recycle are plastic, did you know that not all plastics are recyclable?


Plastic items that Fairfax County accepts include plastic bottles and jugs, as well as laminated beverage cartons (for milk, etc).

Plastic items that, unfortunately, are NOT recyclable and that should be placed in the trash include:

  • take-out containers

  • plastic bags

  • plastic food wrapping/film

  • plastic pillow packaging

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